Our School Curriculum
Curriculum Aims 

At Northenden, we believe that children should have an experience of a broad and balanced curriculum.  Such a curriculum:

  • ensures that pupils develop a good standard of basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics
  • develops a love and understanding of other subjects (history, geography, music, art, etc.)
  • makes links between subjects and their learning
  • ensures that pupils develop a sense of citizenship and make a positive contribution to their school and community
  • ensures that pupils have opportunities to develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural experiences and understanding
  • ensures that pupils have opportunities to work together and develop life-long skills
  • prepares pupils for the next stage in their education or work, in our case, secondary school

The aims of our curriculum and our teaching methods are to ensure that our pupils:

  • develop a love of learning and enquiring minds
  • become confident learners, aware of their own progress and needs
  • meet the expectations of their age group as set out in the national curriculum
  • become confident readers who are able to read and understanding different types of texts
  • become confident writers, writing for a range of audiences and in a range of styles and formats
  • become confident mathematicians, able to use number to solve problems
  • become interested in and acquire knowledge about science, technology and the world around us
  • become interests in and develop their creativity in the arts, including art and design, music, dance and drama
  • work well together and take responsiblity for their own learning
  • are ready to move on to the next year group or school with the confident, skills, understanding and learning tools they need to succeed


Our school curriculum is based on the National Curriculum which includes the following subjects:

and subjects which are not part of the statutory National Curriculum

And permeating through the curriculum

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Year Groups

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