Admissions (In-Year)

Types of Admissions

There are TWO other types of admissions:



Our Planned Admissions Numbers (PAN) is 30 for every year group. We therefore do not admit more than 30 children in any year group unless there are exceptional circumstances why we should do so. This is so that we can offer all of our children quality provision and a level of safety that is not affected by larger class sizes or overcrowding.

If you would like to apply for a place in our Reception class (after the start of the year) or in Years 1 – 6 because your child is transferring from another school, you can contact the school directly to see if there are any places available. If we can offer you a place, you will be asked to contact Manchester City Council to complete your application or transfer papers. If we have a place available, you may be offered a place immediately.

If we do not have a place available, you can ask to be placed on a waiting list administered by Manchester City Council. Children on the waiting list are prioritised according to the distance they live from the school. When a place does become available, the school or Manchester City Council will contact you. If you have a number of children and would like them all to join the school, we may not be able to offer a place to all of your children at the same time. We may be able to offer some places immediately whilst your other children may have to be placed on the waiting list. Accepting a place for one child in one year group does not guarantee you places for the other children as other year groups may be full. There is no automatic right, including via appeal, for another sibling to be offered a place because one or more children from the same family have been offered places.  In this case, parents must consider how practical it is for your family to have children attending different primary schools.  

Local Authority Admissions Teams

Please note that your should contact the Local Authority in which you live.

Manchester City Council

Integrated Admissions
Children’s Services
Town Hall PO Box 532
Manchester M60 2LA
0161 245 7166

Trafford MBC

School Admissions
Children’s and Young People’s Service
4th Floor, Waterside House
Sale M33 7ZF
0161 912 5007

Stockport MBC

Admissions Team
Services to People
3rd Floor Stopford House

Stockport SK1 3XE

0161 217 6028