Charges, Remissions and Payments

Charges as of September 2017


The Department for Education requires that:

  • School governing bodies, subject to the limited exceptions, cannot charge for education provided during school hours, including the supply of any materials, books, equipment or instruments
  • Schools must ensure that they inform parents on low incomes and in receipt of the benefits listed on Page 9 of this document of the support available to them when being asked for contributions towards the costs of school visits


The school will not charge for:

  • admissions to the school
  • education activities and lessons which take place during the school day
  • education provided outside school hours if it is part of the National Curriculum or Religious Education
  • instrumental or vocal tuition, for pupils learning individually or in groups, unless the tuition has been agreed by parents
  • entry for public examinations
  • transport or instructor fees for swimming lessons
  • books, pens, pencils and other equipment used during the school day

The school will charge for:

  • any materials, books or equipment where the child’s parent wishes him/her to own them
  • any materials or books which have been lost or misplaced, e.g. library books
  • optional extras
  • music and vocal tuition
  • additional ‘Top-Up’ Early Years provision (beyond the statutory funded 15 hours)
  • community facilities

Optional Extras include:

  • education provided outside school time that is not part of the National Curriculum
  • board and lodging and voluntary contributions for a residential visit
  • childcare – morning club and after-school club
  • extra-curricular activities

Participation in any optional extra activity will be on the basis of parental choice and a willingness to meet the charges.  Parental agreement is therefore a necessary pre-requisite for the provision of an optional extra where charges will be made.


Any charges made in respect of individual pupils must not exceed the actual cost of providing the optional extra activity, divided equally by the number of pupils participating.  It must not therefore include an element of subsidy for any other pupils wishing to participate in the activity whose parents are unwilling or unable to pay the full charge.


The school can and will ask for voluntary contributions to support any school activities which might include:

  • educational visits – place of interest

 Although many of the class visits and other events organised by the school take place for the purposes of enriching the curriculum and take place during school hours, we ask for voluntary contributions to ensure that a wide range of such visits can be offered by the school.  Parents are not obliged to make any voluntary financial contribution.  However, in reality, if we did not receive voluntary contributions for the many educational visits we organised for our children, many of the visits simply would not take place as the school budget would not be able to fund them entirely.

In general, the school will:

  • attempt to reduce the requested voluntary contribution for each educational visit; it will always be less than the full cost
  • balance the cost of voluntary contributions across the year as much as possible
  • not ask for a voluntary contribution for a curriculum activity which takes place on the school premises
  • not ask for a voluntary contribution for visits to places of worship (e.g. Mosque visit) or safety workshops, e.g. Crucial Crew
  • fund entirely from school budget some visits, e.g. arts month activities
  • not cancel a class visit or event if the costs cannot be covered by voluntary contributions, although we reserve the right to do so
  • not discriminate against any child or family who struggle or choose not to pay a voluntary contribution
  • not excluded a child from an activity or educational visits because because his/her parents are unable or unwilling to pay
  • not pressure parents into paying a voluntary contribution


Although the law states that, in general, all education provided during school hours must be free, instrumental and vocal music tuition is an exception to that rule.  The Charges for Music Tuition (England) Regulation 2007 set out the circumstances in which charges can be made for tuition in playing a musical instrument, including vocal tuition.  Charges may be made for vocal or instrumental tuition provided either individually or to groups of any size, provide that the tuition is provided at the request of the pupil’s parent.  In essence, this means that they agree to the child receiving tuition during the school day by a qualified tutor.   Charges may not exceed the cost of the provision, including the cost of staff who provide the tuition.  Charges do not apply to children who are looked after by a local authority.


Morning Club (Childcare)

  • £2.00 per session per child

After-School Club (Childcare)

  • £11.00 (long session, 3pm – 6.00pm)
  • £5.50 (short session, 3pm – 4.15pm)
  • £5.50 (short session, 4.15pm – 5.15pm)
  • £11.00 (long session, 4.15pm – 6.00pm)
  • £10.00 per ten minute period for late collection after 6.00pm

School Meals

  • £2.25 per meal (£11.25 per week)

School Meals (Year 1 – Year 6 only, free to Early Years)

  • £7.00 per term (£21 per year), payable at the beginning of each term

School Uniform

  • see TESCO Uniform website

Book Bags

  • £4.50 including embroidered logo and child’s name

Extra-Curricular Activities (After School Activities)

  • £10.00 for 5 or 6 week programme
  • The vast majority of our extra-curricular are run by external coaches or tutors who charged the school for their services
  • Note that we charge the same for all extra-curricular activities, irrespective of the charges of the teacher/coach

Instrumental Tuition (flute, clarinet, brass)

  • £25.00 per half-term (approximately £4.00 lesson)
  • Budget allowing, the school subsidises instrumental tuition by at least £1,000 per year, the remaining cost is charged to parents on an equal basis

Nursery Fees

  • £12.00 per afternoon session (11.45am to 3.00pm)

Class Visits (Voluntary Contribution)

  • Voluntary Contribution (specific to each visit)

We cannot charge for activities, including class visits, which take place during the school day.  However, we are allowed to ask parents for a ‘voluntary contribution’ towards these visits.  In reality, without these voluntary contributions, the school could not afford from its budget to fund all of the class visits we want the children to do and therefore we would have to reduce the number of visits during the year.  Parents are therefore asked to make a voluntary contribution so that we can continue to offer these opportunities for the children.  Children from low-income families are offered a subsidy.