Parent Voice

Parent Voice

The contribution of parents to the development of the school and to the sharing of ideas about what the school does well and what it could do to improve its provision for children is very important.  There are a number of ways in which parents can share their views and ideas:

  • contact (speak to or e-mail) the Headteacher directly
  • send an email to the Headteacher or school office (see contacts page)
  • post a suggestion in our office post box
  • talk to a parent governor (see Governors Page)
  • complete a questionnaire (last issued March 2014 but always available)
  • join our Parents’ Forum (to be established Autumn 2014)
  • raise a complaint either verbally or in writing 


Parents’ Questionnaire

Every two years, we issue a questionnaire to families to seek parents’ views about the school.    You can download a copy of the questionnaire by clicking on the picture to the right.  The questionnaire aimed to seek views across three broad categories of the school’s work:

  • The School in General (based on OfSTED’s questionnaire)
  • Communication / Parental Involvement
  • Reporting your child’s progress



Responses and Actions

The governors and Senior Leadership Team, use the responses from the questionnaire to determine the key suggestions from parents and their key concerns.  This, in turn, is used to contribute to school development plans and routines for the following year.

  In response to some suggestions we have or will:

  • introduce a welcome and curriculum evening for parents at the start of every year (complete)
  • try and improve our mid-year reports to give a better indication of progress
  • ensure that parents are informed about poor behaviour before parents’ evening
  • publish the dates of all of our events well in advance on our website (complete)
  • provide parents and children with Home Learning Packs to support learning at home (complete/ongoing)
  • be more rigorous in the use of our Home-School message books
  • establish a Parents’ Forum to enable parents to have more of a voice about school issues and development
  • continue to request that parents DO NOT park on Bazley Road (complete / ongoing)
  • provide all parents with more information about how we tackle bullying in school  (complete)
  • have more staff on duty in the playground each morning (complete)
  • introduce an online payments system for parents to pay dinner money (complete)
  • publish our school meals menus (complete)
  • ensure that our website is kept more up-to-date (complete)
  • introduce a wider range of after-school (extra-curricular) activities (ongoing) 
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