School Reports Summer 2020

The progress reports issued in Summer 2020 were written at the end of the year in which the school was closed to the majority of pupils from 20th March 2020 until the end of the summer term due to COVID-19. 

Parents are asked to note the following:

  • teachers’ comments, and reported grades and attainment levels are based primarily on teacher assessment and knowledge of the children’s learning from the Spring Term 2020 (before we closed);
  • no statutory testing or assessments (EYFS Profile, Year 1 Phonics, Year 2 SATs, Year 4 Multiplication Tables Test, Year 6 SATs) took place in the summer term.  Therefore attainment levels for all pupils in Years 1 – 6 are being reported using our system of (E)merging, (F)ocussing, (S)ecure and (G)reater depth as show below;
  • reporting in Early Years is based on teacher assessment and achievement in the seven areas of the Early Years curriculum.  Assessments are reported as Emerging (working towards expectations), Expected (meeting expectations) or Exceeding (working beyond what might be expected);
  • where two attainment levels (Years 1 – 6) are shown (e.g. 5F/S), the first is an assessment of the child’s attainment as of Spring 2020 (before we closed) and the second is an indication or estimate of potential attainment which,  given sustained effort, progress and, of course, no school closure, might have been achieved by the child by the end of the summer term 2020;
  • this year, we have reported just one attainment level for each of reading, writing and mathematics rather than reporting levels for parts of the subject.  We will return to reporting attainment across different aspects of reading, writing and mathematics next year;
  • the Department for Education have stated that schools do not need to report pupils’ attendance for this year.  However, we are doing so for the period 02/09/2019 to 20/03/2020 (244 possible attendances) when the school was open to all pupils;
  • attendance is reported as a single percentage figure (there are no grades or additional reports this year) in the body of the main report rather than on separate sheets.  We have not issued a ‘registration certificate’ (a whole-year attendance report, including the marks for each day) but these are available on request to the school office;
  • we recognise that children’s wider development and achievement this year has been limited to some extent by school closure.  For example, children have not had an opportunity to take part in as many extra-curricular activities, school sport competitions, school trips, concerts, a school summer production, class assemblies, sports day and other events, instrumental examinations, or take their turn or carry out in full some of the responsibilities (e.g. class monitors or Eco-team) that they would normally have had a chance to do.  We hope that children will have more of these  opportunities next year.

Attainment Levels (Years 1 – 6)

  • Emerging (E) means that the child is working at the very beginnings of the expectations of their year group.
  • Focussing (F) means that the child is making good progress towards the expectations of the year group, perhaps working securely in some areas but not others which means that overall they are not yet secure in all of their understanding of the subject.
  • Secure (S) means that the child is broadly working within the expectations of the year group.  There may be some elements that are not yet secure and some which are definitely secure but on balance the child’s skills, fluency and understanding in the subject broadly meet the standard expected of the year group.
  • Greater Depth (G) means that the child is generally working beyond the expectations of the year group.  They have a very good grasp of the subject and can demonstrate skills, knowledge and understanding to a higher standard/depth than might be expected.


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