After School Club

After-School Club
Play Club Northenden

The school offers full wrap-around care. Part of that wrap-around care is our very popular and successful After-School Club, known as Play Club Northenden, which provides after-school childcare for all age groups from 3pm until 5.30pm every day.

Contact : Tracey Beardsall (Play Club Manager)
Telephone : 07806 425 181


Aims and Activities

The aims of the club are simple:

  • to provide high-quality and reliable childcare at a reasonable cost
  • to provide parents with the reassurance of knowing their children are cared for on the school site
  • to enable children to play freely with other children
  • to provide children with a safe and caring environment

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities for all children.  When the weather is good, most children prefer to play outside and our activities are centred around free-play (making use of the school’s Early Years outdoor area) and team sports.  The children have a range of equipment to use.  Indoor activities include a range of arts and crafts activities, board games, snooker, construction and making, computers and TV and cookery  We aim for the children to choose activities for themselves.


Our charges are very competitive when compared to the cost of other after-school provision (e.g. Kids Allowed) and childminders.  We operate a two-tier system for charging:

  • 3.00pm – 4.15pm : £6.00 per session (or part thereof)
  • 4.15pm – 5.30pm : £6.00 per session (or part thereof)
  • 3.00pm – 5.30pm : £12.00 per session (or part thereof)

Bookings and payments must be made in advance.  Refunds and credits are only given when a child is absent from school on the day they have a place booked at our after-school club.  In order to receive a credit, parents must cancel places at least two days in advance.  Please also note that payment via PARENT PAY does not guarantee a place.  Even though funds may be applied to the  After-School Club  part of your PARENTPAY account, places must be booked separately.  Please confirm your place with Tracey before making a payment.  We also accept childcare vouchers (electronic payments) paid via businesses and employers.  Please ask for more information about this.

Booking and Contact

To book a place at our after-school club, you first need to register your child with the club.  This then ensures that the club have all of the information they need about your child, including medical conditions, to ensure that they care for them appropriately and contact you should the need arise.  Once you have registered, you can book places whenever you need to by contacting Tracey Beardsall, our After-School Club Manager via

  • Mobile Telephone : 07806 425 181 (see below)
  • E-Mail to

The mobile phone is accessed after 1.00pm each day.  Messages can be left on the answer-service.  You can also send a text.  Please wait for a reply as confirmation of a place.  Unless an emergency, please note that bookings cannot be made directly with the school office. 

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