School Partnerships

School Partnerships

The school is not (yet) part of a multi-academy trust.  However, it does (and has for many years) worked with other local schools to achieve common goals, including through a number of joint projects.

  • Button Lane Primary School
  • Crossacres Primary Academy
  • Sandilands Primary School
  • St Wilfrid’s CE Primary School
  • Rack House Primary School
  • Dixons Brooklands Academy

This partnership benefits the staff and pupils of each school through the shared objectives of:

  • sharing leadership and management goals
  • sharing attainment, progress and other data
  • developing and sharing assessment frameworks and tools
  • learning from each other
  • sharing good practice in some areas of the curriculum
  • shared curriculum planning
  • mutual support for headteachers and Deputy Headteachers
  • joint training days (where appropriate)
  • shared leadership and other training programmes
  • shared staff training and CPD opportunities
  • moderation of pupil outcomes
  • opportunities for children from different year groups to work together
  • benchmarking and comparison of service level agreements
  • local sports competition

Key Projects

The partnership drives and supports a number key projects.  The key projects include:

  • Gifted and Talented programme
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators’ Network
  • Spelling Bee
  • Maths Bee
  • Writing and mathematics moderation
  • Early Years Leaders’ Network


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