Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 Curriculum


Year 6 is the final year of primary school.  It is important, therefore, that during this year children are supported even more to become confident and independent learners in preparation for their move to secondary school.  In May of Year 6, children will be assessed by both teacher assessment and the national curriculum tests taken by every child in the country.  We aim that all children leave our school with very good skills in reading, writing and mathematics (at least ‘secondary ready’) as well as a good understanding of other subjects.  Above all, we aim for them to be independent learners who care about their learning, their attitudes to school life and themselves, and their futures.

Document : Click here for the Year 6 Curriculum Overview

KEY TOPICS : The major topics or themes in this year group are:

  • Holidays – Isle of Man and St Lucia study
  • South America – Mayans
  • World War II
  • Britain since 1930
  • Going, Going, Gone (Conservation)


The topics, skills and understanding covered in each subject are:


  • highly developed comprehension skills, including inference, deduction
  • ability to write using a range of techniques and in a range of styles to inform, persuade and entertain
  • ability to use strategies to spell a range of known and unfamiliar words, including many poly-syllabic words
  • well-developed handwriting which is reflected across all pieces of work
  • confident speaking and listening skills, including leadership in a group and presentation skills


  • Confident use of numbers, including the four operations and all multiplication tables
  • Use of measures including 12- and 24-hour clock, length, area and volume and angles
  • interpretation and creating of a range of charts and graphs
  • confident use and comparison of fractions, decimals and percentages
  • application of all the above to solve problems with a number of steps


  • Animals, including Humans
  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Light, Radio and TV
  • Animal Habitats
  • Electricity and Curcuits


  • effective use of the internet and knowledge of the world wide web
  • confident and safe use of technology, including social media
  • programming using a range of techniques and logical thinking
  • confident use of a range of software to present and share information

Design and Technology

  • Cookery
  • Roundabouts


  • The Mayans – the ancient South American Civilization
  • World War II
  • good sense of chronology from ancient to modern times
  • use of a range of skills to develop historical inquiry
  • critical use and understanding of primary and secondary sources


  • Study of the Isle of Man and St Lucia as island holiday destinations
  • Comparison of locations
  • use of maps, including OS maps and 6-figure grid references

Art and Design

  • highly-developed skills in drawing, painting, collage, 3-D work
  • Study of the work and style of Kandinsky
  • Study of the work of Andy Goldsworthy


  • Sing in harmony, confidently and accurately
  • Perform a part in a song or a piece of music confidently and accurately
  • Perform confidently with a clear sense of purpose, venue, audience and occasion
  • Take the lead in a performance (e.g. in a samba or as conductor or as a soloist)
  • Use a variety of different musical devices, e.g. melody, chords, rhythms
  • Compose and perform pieces of music with different structures, e.g. ABA, ABCD, Rondo, etc.
  • Analyse features within a piece of music, e.g. choice of instrument, tempo
  • Record their music so that it can be played back or made available for publication, eg. on a CD
  • Describe the features of different types of music, including those from different periods in history
  • Compare and contrast the work and impact of different composers, musicians and musical traditions

Physical Education

  • increased confidence in performing sequences in gymnastics
  • increased confidence in being part of a team
  • more opportunities to take part in competitions

Religious Education

  • Judaism
  • Christianity – The Bible
  • The Five Pillars of Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Comparison of World Religions

PSHE and Citizenship

  • Personal Targets
  • Making the Right Choices
  • Influences
  • Drugs Education
  • Living in a Democracy
  • E-Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Growing and Changing (Changes in Puberty)


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