School Meals

School Meals

Our SCHOOL MEALS are provided by MANCHESTER FAYRE. Our menu is based on the FRESH FAYRE menu which offers 3 choices per day taken from 

  • meat and fish dishes
  • vegetarian dishes
  • baked potatoes
  • sandwiches and specialty sandwiches
  • a choice of dessert or yoghurt
  • salad bar, bread and fruit
  • milk or water


Our menu is based on a 3-week cyle. The menu changes every day for a three-week period and then repeats after three weeks. The whole menu changes at least once a year. The cook does have some flexibility in deciding what to cook, taking the children’s preferences into account, as long as it meets Manchester Fayre’s nutritional standards. Children in Early Years (Nursery and Reception) have the cook’s choice every day. This is because we feel that our youngest children will benefit from a hot balanced meal rather than having a choice which they find difficult to cope with.

Click on the MENU BELOW to download the 3-week menu





Menu Weeks effective 13th November 2017

Week Beginning …

  • 13/11/2017 – Week 3
  • 20/11/2017 – Week 1
  • 27/11/2017 – Week 2
  • 04/12/2017 – Week 3
  • 11/12/2017 – Week 1
  • 18/12/2017 – Week 2 (including Christmas Lunch on Thursday 21st December)
  • 08/01/2018 – Week 3


For example, when the children return to school on a Tuesday (usually a meat day), the cook may substitute the cook’s choice for Monday’s menu.  This is because the meat for Tuesday may not have been delivered prior to the Tuesday.


The children pre-order what they want at least 3-4 days before the day. This ensure that the team cooks enough of the hot meal and prepares enough sandwiches of different fillings so that children are not disappointed, particularly those who find themselves on the ‘last sitting’ of the lunchtime.


The school charges for school meals and parents must may this charge in advance. The school operates a no-debt policy with regard to school meals. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are providing with a sufficient meal at lunchtimes, either by purchasing a school meal or providing a packed lunch. The charge for school meals is as follows:

  • £2.25per day
  • £11.25 per week

School meals must be paid for at the school office. Parents can pay by cash or cheque on a weekly, monthly or termly basis. When a child is absent, parents will receive a credit for that day which will be offset against future payments. Refunds are only offered at the end of each term or when a child no longer requires a school lunch.


In September 2014, the government are introducing FREE school meals for all children in reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The school has the capacity to provide this service.


Children in other year groups, including nursery, may be entitled to a free school meal if their parents are receipt of:

  • income support
  • job-seekers allowance

Please ask at the school office or click here for more information.


Our cook, Yvonne Kemp, and her team pride themselves on maintaining a very clean and hygienic cooking, preparation, storage and serving environment. We are inspected regularly by the Local Authority (Environmental Health) and are proud to achieve the highest FOOD HYGIENE rating as shown in the certificate below.




















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