Sports Premium

PE and Sports Premium

The PE and SPORT PREMIUM was introduced by the Government in 2013.   All primary schools will receive until 2020 at least £8,000 per year to develop the provision for

  • the teaching of the Physical Education curriculum
  • extra-curricular activities which promote sport
  • competition across different sports for different age groups
  • activities which promote pupils’ health and physical fitness


  In 2013-2014, our school aims to use our funding to:

  • have dance taught on a weekly basis taught by a dance specialist
  • have gymnastics taught on a weekly basis by a gymnastics specialist
  • enable the school to offer an extra-curricular sport every day of the week
  • employ coaches to run specialist games and other activities
  • develop the school grounds to facilitate better quality Physical Education and lunchtime sports
  • purchase high-quality PE training for our teaching staff
  • purchase PE and sports equipment for use in PE lessons
  • subscribe to competition organisers
  • subscribe to Youth Sport programme of activities
  • pay for transport and staffing to get children to competitive events in different sports
  • contribute to a sports grant of £25,000 for which we were successful

September 2014 – August 2015

During this period, we have used our SPORTS AND PE funding to:

  • buy a complete PE Scheme of Work for all year groups (£450)
  • provide subsidies for after-school extra-curricular activities
  • fund transport costs (usually minibuses) and staff costs for children to attend competition events
  • pay for training for our new PE and Health Education Leader (£300)
  • pay for specialist dance lessons

In August 2015, we will be having new playground surface and markings and will be taking delivery of a SMOOGA multi-use games arena/zoning wall, which we hope will improve the environment for playing a range of team games in our limited playground space.  It will look something like this:


Extra-Curricular Activities

Competition Events

  • Athletics Competition (February 2015)
  • Swimming Gala (February 2015, Wythenshawe Forum, 8 children)
  • Football Tournament (February 2015, Salford, Football Team)
  • Football Tournament (March 2015, Etihad Stadium)
  • Cheerleading Competition (March 2015, MHA)
  • Swimming Gala, February 2016)

Barriers to Development in 2014 – 2015

The fire at the school of 31st October 2014 has meant that we were without a school school hall for six months of the academic year.  This has therefore made it difficult to fully implement our PE curriculum since that time.  We took advantage of offers from the Manchester Health Academy to support our PE teaching once or twice per week during this time.


We are delighted to have been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Level award





During 2015-2016, we will use our Sports Premium funding of £8,8888 to:

  • working with a Physical Education coach to develop physical skills and physical literacy across the school (£3,000)
  • work with the Physical Education coach to develop the skills of teachers in delivering high-quality Physical Education lessons
  • employ sports coaches to deliver some of the school’s PE programme at Key Stage 1
  • employ sports coaches to develop extra-curricular sport and physical activity for all age groups
  • take part in a range of inter-school competitions (transport and staff costs)
  • develop the school’s Change 4 Life programme to promote healthy lifestyles and physical fitness
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