Online and Media Safety

Online and Media Safety

Mobile and online technology is a wonderful thing.  However, it also presents opportunities for people to attempt to share content and communicate with others, particularly children, in ways which are not appropriate.  This includes the sharing of inappropriate, offensive or explicit material and the use of technology (internet, email, chatrooms, mobile telephones, hand-held devices) to bully, groom (strangers attempting to meet) or abuse others. 

School Guidance for Parents and Children

We have published our own guidance for parents which covers:

  • Use of a range of media
  • Television and Film and its impact on Children
  • Games and online gaming
  • Using the Internet
  • Unsuitable or Inappropriate Content
  • Filtering
  • Blocking Unsuitable Material
  • Unsuitable and Inappropriate Contact
  • Chatrooms / Instant Messaging
  • Grooming
  • Inappropriate Conduct and Online behaviour
  • Social Networking
  • Accounts and Passwords
  • Sharing and Privacy Settings
  • Publication of Photographs
  • Dealing with Issues
  • School Involvement
  • Mobile Telephones
  • Online Shopping
  • Advice for parents
  • Reporting Concerns

Download “Keeping your Child Safe in a Digital World” (PDF Document)

Useful Resources

Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine

Vodafone and Parent Zone have an good website and magazine for parents called ‘Digital Parenting’.  The magazine includes a range of articles, information, advice, tips and issues about family use of the digital technology, and media and internet safety.

Here are direct links to the issues of the magazine:

Useful Websites

There are a number of useful websites offering guidance, advice and activities to help parents and children stay safe whilst using the internet.


Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
Organisation dedicated to protection of children online, including fight against use of children in explicit material.


CEOP’s Think you Know website
Useful activities for online protection



     NSPCC Net Aware
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