Friends of NCS

The Friends of
Northenden Community School (FNCS)

What is ‘The Friends?’

The Friends of Northenden Community School (‘The Friends’) is essentially the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school.  It was established a number of years ago with the aim of:

  • supporting the school;
  • organising events for parents, children and the community;
  • raising additional funds for the school for spending against a long-term objective or for the little extras the school needs.

The main events organised by the Friends on an annual basis are:

    • discos for the children (Christmas and Summer)
    • quiz night for adults
    • the Summer Fair (usually in June)

all of which, through the generosity of families who take part and support the events, raise about £4,000 for the school each year.

Keeping in Touch

The ‘Friends’ aim to keep in touch with parents in a number of ways:

  • newsletters and leaflets about events;
  • regular meetings;
  • their Facebook page;
  • parent WhatsApp groups;
  • E-Mail (

The ‘Friends’ Facebook page should only be used for ‘Friends’ business and not for other matters related to the school, including general enquiries or complaints.  These should be directed to the school. 


All parents of the school are automatically invited to be ordinary members of the ‘Friends’ and all are welcome at its regular meetings, most of which take place online via ZOOM.  Meetings usually take place at the school once per half term.

Committee Members

Committee members are members of the PTA who have particularly roles and/or voting rights with regard to the management of the PTA, including organising of events.  Committee members might meet separately from all members from time to time.

Registered Charity

As of January 2019, the Friends of Northenden Community School is a registered number.  The registered charity number is 1181797 and information of the Charity Commission’s website can be found here.

As a charity, the ‘Friends’ must have named trustees to govern the charity and ensure that we comply with any charity requirements, such as managing the finances of the Friends and submitting an annual report.


  • Ian Beard (School Headteacher)
  • Nicola Duff (Parent)
  • Natalie Frese (Parent)
  • Rebecca Holley (Parent, Treasurer)
  • Charlotte Lennox (Parent, Chair)

Supporting the Friends

If you can help support the Friends in anyway, please get in touch with one of the elected officers of the Friends.

How is the money raised spent?

The way in which the money raised by events is spent by the school is informed and decided by:

  • the ideas of staff, children, parents and Headteacher of the school
  • the Committee of the Friends

In recent years funding has been used for:

  • the playground activity trail (£5,000+)
  • playground markings (£1,000+)
  • visiting theatre groups (£1,500+)
  • sound system for the hall (£2,000+)
  • new stage for school plays and productions (£2,000+)
  • new ICT suite computers (£8,000)

The PTA is currently aiming to save a large amount to contribute to the development of playground and outdoor facilities and environment at the school.  In 2023, plans have been drawn up following a consultation with different groups of stakeholders.  We are looking to work with a number of potential external grant-giving bodies to enhance the funds available for small- and large-scale outdoor projects.

friends of ncs

Forthcoming Events

None planned at this time.
All PTA events will be communicated to parents via the email newsletter and social media channels.


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