Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

When children at Northenden Community School leave us at the end of Year 6, they do not all go to the same secondary school.  It has been known in recent years that a class of 30 children have moved on to 15 different secondary schools.  The choice of schools and the numbers of children transferring to each school fluctuates from year to year.  We are not therefore the ‘feeder’ school for any particular school, although our nearest secondary school is the Dixons Brooklands Academy (formerly Manchester Health Academy) and the largest group of pupils have moved, in recent years, to Parrs Wood High School.  When selecting a school, parents and children often make their choices based on:

  • distance from home (bus links, etc.)
  • academic ability (particularly for grammar schools)
  • reputation of the school
  • the school attended by older siblings and/or friends and other relatives
  • facilities and specialism of the school (e.g. music, technology)
  • how it feels (during a open evening or tour)

This school does not favour any particular secondary school over another as we believe that parents and children are best placed to make decisions for themselves based on their research and visits to different schools.  It is very important that children and parents visit a number of schools to see for themselves what is offer in each school.

Applying for a Secondary School Place

Choosing a secondary school for your child can appear to be a daunting task.  Every year, we send information to Year 6 parents about the process.

Secondary Schools and their websites

Local (Manchester) Schools

Other Manchester Secondary Schools

Schools in other Local Authorities

Independent (Fee-Paying) Schools


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