Educational Visits

Educational Visits and Visitors

School trips provide unique opportunities for kinaesthetic learning i.e. ‘learning by doing’ and encourage students to engage with people, places and buildings in new ways.  


Educational Visits

We aim to plan a number of educational visits during the year to places of interest in the local and wider area to support learning in different subjects or topics.  These visits provide a stimulus and an outdoor learning experience for the children that would be difficult to create in school.  Often, visits include the contribution of experts in the subject being studied.

Curriculum Visit Pledge

We aim for every child to have experienced the following visits or visitors by the time they leave our school:

  • the local areas, e.g. Northenden study
  • at least one museum, e.g. Manchester Museum
  • at least one library visit, e.g. Manchester Central Library
  • a living museum, e.g. Stockport Air Raid Shelters
  • at least one visit to live theatre, e.g. The Lowry
  • place of geographical interest, e.g. Castleton in Derbyshire
  • the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
  • an orchestral concert, e.g. Halle orchestra at the Bridgewater Hall
  • an art gallery, e.g. The Lowry or Manchester Art Gallery
  • a farm, e.g. Stockley Working Farm
  • a zoo, e.g. Blackpool Zoo or Chester Zoo
  • different places of worship, e.g. churches (C of E, Catholic), Mosque (Islam), Gurdwara (Sikh)
  • at least one residential visit (see separate pages)

Class Visits and Workshops

Given a changing curriculum and circumstances, we do not always plan the same educational visits for each year group.  However, there are some tried-and-tested visits which are enjoyed by the children and provide stimulus for learning in different year groups.

  • Stockley Farm (Early Years)
  • Blackpool Zoo (Early Years)
  • Northenden Village Woods/Walk (Early Years)
  • Northenden Village Study (Year 1)
  • Stockport Hat Works – Materials (Year 2)
  • Staircase House, Stockport – Great Fire of London (Year 2)
  • Cheadle Mosque (Year 2)
  • Blue Planet Aquarium – Life at Sea (Year 2)
  • Macclesfield Forest – Rocks and Soils (Year 3)
  • Greeks Workshop (Year 3)
  • Castleton – Geography (Year 4)
  • Chester – Romans in Britain (Year 4)
  • Manchester Museum – Egyptians (Year 4)
  • Manchester Museum of Science of Industry – Railways (Year 5)
  • Rose Hill Woods – Life Cycles (Year 5)
  • Jodrell Bank – Earth and Space (Year 5)
  • Chester Zoo – Conservation/Environment (Year 6)
  • Stockport Air Raid Shelters – World War II (Year 6)
  • The Lowry Theatre (depending on productions/availability)
  • Bridgewater Hall – Halle Orchestra (Key Stage 2, every 2 years)

Funding / Parent Voluntary Contributions

Given the expensive cost of transport (often at least £10 per pupil) to and from venues and the cost of entry and activities at venue (£5 – £10 per pupil), we do ask parents to pay a voluntary contribution for most extra-curricular activities.  This is usually less than the actual cost per child of the visit.  Without parent contributions, the school would not be able to offer the range of educational visits that it does.  We do ask, therefore, that parents support us in contributing funds to these visits.




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