Home School Agreement

Home-School Partnership – “Better Together”

Schools are no longer required to issue and ask parents to sign home-school agreements.  However, we believe that a partnership, some understanding and some expectations must exist between the school, parents and the children (the partnership triangle) in order for positive relationships and understandings to exist for the benefit of the children, parents and the school, including its staff.

Here is what we believe parents, children and the school should expect of each other.


Expectations of the School

PARENTS SHOULD EXPECT that the school will:

  • welcome, respect and support all parents, regardless of their family structure or background
  • provide their child with a high standard of education and get them ready for secondary school
  • provide a stimulating learning environment, including a varied and balanced curriculum
  • celebrate their child’s academic and personal achievements
  • provide additional teaching support when needed to enable their child to reach their full potential
  • keep their child safe whilst on school premises 
  • promote and safe and healthy lifestyle
  • promote positive attitudes, relationships and respect for all, regarding of gender, race, family background, beliefs, age and special need;
  • encourage their child to become an active member of and make a positive contribution to the community 
  • meet with parents regularly and provide information about their child’s progress at least once each year
  • let parents know of any concerns affecting learning, behaviour, attendance or safety
  • provide information that help them learn at home
  • communicate information about the school, events and activities in a variety of ways
  • offer opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of the school

CHILDREN SHOULD EXPECT that the school will:

  • expect children to work hard in lessons to achieve their full potential
  • provide good care for them during the school day
  • keep them safe from harm, including bullying
  • treat them with kindness and respect
  • provide lots of different opportunities for learning about different subjects
  • treat them as an individual and encourage their talents
  • listen to their concerns, particularly when they feel they are not safe

Expectations of Pupils

The SCHOOL will expect that all pupils will:

  • attend school every day and arrive on time
  • work hard and try their very best in lessons
  • listen to their teachers and respond to advice about their learning
  • take part in lots of activities
  • follow the school rules and behave well
  • accept responsibility when things go wrong and for poor their behaviour
  • be polite, helpful and considerate to everyone
  • wear the correct school uniform
  • treat other pupils, staff and visitors with respect
  • keep each other safe, including reporting bullying and hurtful behaviour towards other children
  • look after the school building and school equipment
  • complete homework and return it to school when it is due

PARENTS SHOULD EXPECT that their children will:

  • work hard at school
  • behave well at school
  • keep other children safe
  • complete all homework and return it when it is due
  • wear the correct school uniform
  • be kind to their friends, both in and out of school hours

Expectations of Parents and Carers

The SCHOOL will expect that all PARENTS will support their child to:

  • attend school every day
  • arrive on time for school every day
  • avoid absences during term-time and during the school day
  • wear the correct uniform
  • appreciate the importance of hard work in school
  • promote a positive attitude to school life
  • be polite, helpful and considerate to everyone
  • know the difference between right and wrong
  • be accountable for any poor behaviour (sanctions at home)
  • complete homework and return it to school when it is due
  • keep their children safe outside school and in the family home
  • make the school aware of any family issues which may affect the child in school
  • support the school’s policies and procedures
  • attend parents’ evenings and other events
  • enjoy learning activities at home

and in addition we expect parents to:

  • behave appropriately when on school premises, setting an example to ALL children
  • be respectful to all staff in school, including when raising issues or complaints
  • avoid parking on Bazley Road
  • have an appreciation of other children’s needs and safety when on school premises
  • NOT smoking on or immediately outside school premises


  • be supportive, encouraging and take in an interest in their school life
  • encourage them to read, including buying books and reading with them at home
  • get them to school on time and make sure that they attend school every day
  • acknowledge and be proud of their achievements
  • provide them with some space and time at home to complete homework
  • help them at home when they need support with their learning
  • keep them safe at all times
  • provide them with the uniform and other things, e.g. PE Kits, they may need for school
  • make arrangements for them to have a healthy meal at lunchtimes
  • listen to their worries and share them with school if necessary
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