OfSTED Inspection

The school was last inspected in July 2007 when it received an OUTSTANDING judgement from the inspector.  It July 2010, we received a letter from OfSTED letting us know that our performance was good enough to exempt us from inspection for a further year.  You can access our OfSTED report and that letter below:

OfSTED Website

Click here for direct link to our reports on the OfSTED website

Future Inspection

Under the 2012 OfSTED Framework, schools previously judged as outstanding will not be inspected as routinely as other schools as long as OfSTED are satisfied that:

  • standards of attainment and achievement have been maintained in the school
  • standards do not fall significantly over time
  • good attendance is maintained and is improving
  • there are no significant complaints to OfSTED from parents



Parent View 

OfSTED now have available a way for parents to let them know what they think of the school by completing a questionnaire consisting of 10 questions relating to key aspects of the school’s work, including teaching, homework and behaviour.  If you wish to contribute to the questionnaire, simple click on the Parent View logo (left).  This will take you to the OfSTED Parent View website and our Parent View page.  You will need to register with your e-mail address and will only be able to complete the questionnaire once.  When a number of questionnaires have been completed, the data is made available for all to see.

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