Information for Employers

As you know, schools are being asked by the Government to provide emergency childcare for children whose parents are key workers and whose work is critical to the Government’s COVID-19 response plan at this time.  The guidance is clear that children should only be attending school as a ‘last resort’, that is on occasions when parents who are key workers cannot be offered any opportunity by their employers to take time away from work because their role is critical.  Being at home is the safest place for parents and their children to be at this time.  All children who can, on any day, be looked after safely at home should be.  Where employee’s roles are not critical or can be carried out at home, perhaps by remote working, employers should consider and offer this to their employees for their own safety and that of others.

An employee of your organisation (a parent of this school) has asked for a childcare place because they have said that they work in a critical sector and that it is essential for them to attend work during the period of school closure and national COVID-19 response.  Please complete the form below to verify your employee’s role and eligibility for emergency childcare at this school so that we can determine whether or not to offer them a place.  We will not offer them a permanent place until you have completed this form or, alternatively, provide us with a letter (headed and signed) explaining the critical nature of their role and the reasons why they cannot be released from their duties at this challenging time.

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