Family Detective Reading Project

Week Beginning 16th November 2015

Ask a Suspect a Question

As Chief Detective, it is your job to represent your Family Detective Team.
Your questions to the suspects can be sent to the Chief Constable in charge of the case.


Use the form below to send your question for ONE of the suspects.
Ask your question …

Week Beginning 9th November

Further information that may be useful to your enquiries about the Mystery at the Museum can now be found at

Week Beginning 2nd November 2015

Four people were seen going into the museum shortly before the scarab beetle was stolen. This week you will be given the evidence the police found out about each person to help you find some more clues.


  •  Click here to download the above (PDF document)

Week Beginning 19th October 2015 : LAUNCH WEEK

  • Tuesday 20th October, 2.30pm : Launch Meeting for Parents and Children
  • Wednesday 21st October, 9.30am : Launch Meeting for Parents and Children
  • Children given their confidential detective packs
  • First and second assignments set to be returned Wednesday 4th November
Family Detective Reading Project

Dear Parents

We are delighted to introduce to you our Family Detective Reading Project.

Reading is one of the key skills at which your child needs to succeed and we know you will want to support your child in developing their reading as much as you can.  You may feel that your child can already read well and does not need help or more encouragement from home.  However, we would very much like you get involved in your child’s reading in the next few weeks via an exciting project we are about to introduce to all of the children in Years 3, 4 and 5 …

Over the next few weeks we are inviting your family to become involved in an exciting project to further improve your child’s reading skills and to solve a crime at the same time!  This project is titled “Mystery at the Museum” and involves lots of different types of texts for your child to read, with your support, over a period of ten weeks.  The aim is to develop your child’s understanding of different types of writing and for you to see how you can continue to help them by encouraging them to read and by asking questions. 

During the ten-week project, your child will receive weekly reading homework tasks related to the mystery.  Each week you will be given different clues and assignments to help solve a crime.  At the end of the project each family detective team will be able to vote on who they think committed the crime and the culprit will be revealed at a special assembly on the afternoon of Friday 4th December.

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