EYFS Orbit

Early Years Orbit (Parental Engagement)

 Our Early Years department use EARLY YEARS ORBIT.  This is a computer-based system which allows staff to capture information, including photographs, about children and their achievements and progress.  The information uploaded on a regular basis to the ORBIT website.  Parents, using their unique LOGIN details, can access their child’s page and see the photographs and comments which have been shared by the Early Years Practitioners.  Parents can also share information and photographs with school.

We encourage all parents to register to use this system as it is a great way to keep in touch with what children are doing and achieving during the school day.  Parents of new children simply need to give us their E-Mail address to register to use the system.  We will send a registration and confirmation e-mail.    More information about the ORBIT system is available from our Early Years Team.  Information will be shared with parents at induction.

Getting Started : A Message from Early Years Orbit …

Once you’re registered as a user with Orbit, you will need to link to your child’s Provider in order to be able to view your child’s records.

Your child’s Provider will invite you to link to your child in Orbit—you will receive this invitation by email (if you haven’t received it already!). Follow the instructions in the invitation email and you will see Orbit’s “Participate” screen in your web browser. Enter the requested information and you’ll then be linked to your child’s record in Orbit.

Once you’re linked to your child, Orbit will immediately take you to your child’s ‘Profile’ (see below for more information—Child Menu > Profile).

Orbit Family lets you view your child’s experiences, achievements and Early Years assessments recorded by their Provider. It also allows you to share useful information about your child with your child’s Provider (“All About Me”) and contribute to their learning by sharing at-home experiences as Postcards. Each function is available from your Orbit Family Menus.

We hope you enjoy using Orbit as an additional means of communicating with your child’s Provider!




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