Update regarding Early Years Provision
Monday 4th February 2019

Dear Parents

As you know, our Early Years Unit had to be closed today.  This was due to significant flooding of the building caused by what we think was a burst pipe and then continuous flow of mains water into the building over a period of time.  The flooding has caused damage to the floors and ceilings, mainly in nursery (particularly in the linking corridor), and has meant that we have had to isolate the electricity supply which means there is no power, lighting or heating in the whole building.  The Early Years building is not therefore safe to use.  We have had a clean-up team from a recovery company at school this afternoon and they will be working with us this week to dry out the building and to assess  and plan the repairs needed in the building as we move forward.  

Provision for the children

  • our RECEPTION  children can return to school on Tuesday 5th February
  • our NURSERY children can return to school Wednesday 6th February

We have set up resources in our school hall for our reception class but our Nursery staff need a little more time to establish a working base in our after-school club room and recover their resources for indoor and outdoor play.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Our reception and nursery classes will be taught in the school hall and our after-school club room for the time being.  We have managed to recover many items of furniture and resources from our Early Years building for use in the main building.  The provision will look and feel a little different, particularly as we have to manage how the children share the space with our older children and we manage transitions between wrap-around care, lesson and lunchtime.  Mrs Singh and the team have already planned how the curriculum will be delivered in alternative accommodation, including how Mathematics and Literacy groups will work.

Morning Drop-Off and After-School Collection

In the mornings, please bring your children to the Early Years Unit outdoor area as normal.  They will be collected by the Early Years team and taken to either the school hall or after-school club for registration.  At the end of the day, the staff team will bring the children to the outdoor area to be collected by you.  This arrangement may change if contractors need to use the outdoor space for vehicles or equipment.  We will assess this on a daily basis and may need you to be flexible.

We ask of you:

  • please prepare your children for the changes by explaining to them that  water from some pipes has damaged some of their building but that all of their play things and lovely work are safe and that we are looking forward to seeing the children in school;
  • please be patient with us as we work with Manchester City Council to assess the damage and repair our building – this is likely to take several weeks;
  • take some of your child’s personal belongings (bag, shoes, etc) home to dry them out and wash them (they may be damaged by clean water and will hopefully just need a clean and drying out);

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff  who have today worked very hard as a team to recover resources from the building and plan how we move forward so that all of the children can return to school as quickly as possible this week.  I know that they will appreciate your flexibility and support at this time.

If you have any questions regarding the arrangements or provision as we move forward, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Ian Beard



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