This page sets our PRIVACY NOTICE for children.  It is written in a more child-friendly way than the Privacy Notice for adults.


This document explains to you, as a pupil of Northenden Community School, that the school collects and keeps information about you and your family and what we do with that information.

Information : We hold information about you so that we know ….

  • basic details about you, such as your name, when you were born and where you live;
  • other details about you, such as your religion, the language you speak at home and your ethnicity;
  • about any schools that you attended before your came to Northenden Community School or after you left the school to go to another school;
  • a little about your parents and other relatives, including where your parents live (even if they do not live together) and whom we should contact if you are poorly when you are in school;
  • what you can do you in each subject and the extra help you might need in reading, writing or mathematics lessons;
  • about any special help you need in some subjects
  • about any medical conditions or allergies you have and the medication you need to take;
  • about how well you are doing in your reading, including your book band colour and the books you borrow from our library;
  • the days on which you attend school and any times that you have been absent from school because you are poorly or for another reason;
  • about the extra-curricular activities or sports teams and events you take part in;
  • how well you behave in class and at playtimes;
  • about your achievements, including the certificates you have received;
  • if you have a packed lunch from home or a school lunch and who pays for this;
  • any information which helps the school and other people who want to care for you to keep you safe  at home or from someone who contacts you online.

 How do we store this information?

Information about you is stored in a number ways by your teachers, the Headteacher and the school office.  We make sure that all of the information we have about you is kept private so that only your teachers and our office staff can see and use that information when they need to.  Some of the information is kept on paper in our files, locked filing cabinets and cupboards.  Some of the information is kept on our computers and needs a password for someone to access it.  This makes sure that it is private and that nobody else in or outside of the school can access it.

Your Rights

You and your parents have a right to make sure that the information that we keep about you is accurate and correct and is not shared with anyone who does not need to see it.  If your parents are concerned about this, they can contact the school to talk about it.  We have someone called a Data Protection Officer who helps us to make sure that the information we have is kept securely and that we can sort out quickly anything might go wrong, such as if one of teachers’s computers is lost or we share information about you with someone when we should not have done.

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