Try to spend some time reading every day.  We appreciate that books at home may be limited, particularly given libraries and book shops are closed.  We will post links to free online books for children.

Audible (Amazon) have made available free online books for children
These can be streamed via tablet APP or on a PC/laptop without an account.

Many of our children enjoy reading the weekly printed edition of FIRST NEWS.
We have made available PDF issues online and some comprehensions to accompany each edition.  Editions will be added each week (during term time).

Myon Reading from Renaissance has thousands of story and non-fiction books for all ages.  They are organised into genres.  They also have newspaper articles so have a look at those too.  Select a book or two to read with your child every day.

The Book Trust website has a number of online books for different age groups.  There are also quizzes and activities related to books.

Oxford Owl has a wide range of free online reading books for school children.  They are grouped into age bands.  It includes many of the reading scheme books we have in school.  You will need a group password to access the books.  Go to your own class page of HOME LEARNING for your username and password.

Collins have made available online a selection of their books from the BIG CAT Reading scheme we have in school.  Books from the Pink to Turquoise can be found in Key Stage 1.  Other books, including up to White band can be found in the Progress section.  They can be accessed (you sign in as a teacher) using the username parents@harpercollins.co.uk   and the password  Parents20!  


You can access Phonics Play on PC or tablet free of charge.  You will need the username march20 and the password home for free access.



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