Nursery Application

Nursery Application

Thank you for registering your interest in a nursery place for your child.
It is now time for your to apply for a place.

Complete the Application Form

When completing the form below, please:

  • ensure that you enter your child’s name correctly, using both Forename and Surname;
  • ensure that you enter your child’s Date of Birth correctly (this determines the year of admission);
  • use CAPITAL LETTERS to begin names, street names, towns and for the letters in your postcode;
  • give an email address and/or telephone number so that we can contact you if we need to;
  • submit only one form (unless you make a mistake and wish to resubmit the information)
  • complete a separate form for each child if you wish to register more than one child, e.g. twins

When you have completed this form, you should receive a confirmation page and/or email to the email address you have provided.  These will show the information you have sent us.  This information is sent directly to our administrator.  

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