Nursery Registration

Nursery Registration 

Complete and submit the form below ONLY if …

  • you would like to register an interest in your child attending our nursery
  • your child is now aged 2 years or older (see registration information below)

 Please note that

  • your child would start in our nursery in the September following their THIRD birthday
  • registering your interest at this stage DOES NOT guarantee your child a place in our nursery or reception class
  • we will send you an APPLICATION FORM in the February before admission to confirm your interest/application
  • the application form should be returned to the school by mid-March
  • places are offered and confirmed in the April before September admission

Admission Dates / Registration

If your child was born in an academic year for which registration is not yet open, please do not register at this time.  Please remember that early register does not influence your chances of getting a place.  Registration up to the deadline line of 31 January each year guarantees that you will be considered for a place, according to our admissions criteria, for the following September.  Application forms will be sent to you for confirmation of interest in the February following the close of registration for that year.  Places are allocated according to our admissions criteria and offered in April.

Date of Birth  Nursery Admission Date
01/09/2014 – 31/08/2015 September 2018 
01/09/2015 – 31/08/2016 September 2019 


Please complete and SUBMIT the form below.


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