School Funding 2018


You might be aware of recent  reports in the national and local press that schools across the country are facing budget cuts this year and in the years ahead.This is a result of a freeze or cut in some of the funding allocated to schools this year as well as the introduction of a ‘National Funding Formula’ for schools which aims to determine at  national (rather than council) level the funding that each school will receive from next year.   Historically, Manchester City Council has funded its schools at a higher level than councils in other areas but will, unfortunately, no longer be able to do this under new funding proposals for 2018.  It is suggested that Manchester primary schools will lose a significant amount of funding by 2020, the greatest impact on any area outside London.

The implications for Northenden Community School will be significant over a period of time, particularly given that the school does not benefit greatly from the Pupil Premium funding which will continue to provide additional funding for disadvantaged pupils.  This is because the number of pupils entitled to Free School Meals at our school is relatively low.  Already for April 2017, our new budget represents a negligible increase but significant increases to our staffing costs,  utilities (gas and electricity charges are likely to increase this year), the new ‘Apprenticeship Levy’ and general increases to the cost of materials and services (whose costs are also increasing).  Although there will be some funding protections to soften the immediate impact of any changes to our funding, our budget will be much ‘tighter’ than it has been in previous years and we will, inevitably, be able to do and offer less to the children over time.

How can Parents help?

 There are a number of ways in which parents can help the school at this stage:

 Please contribute to all voluntary contributions for educational visits (class trips), including considering paying the full amount for the activity. Without these voluntary contributions, the school will not be able to arrange as many trips for each class in the future;

  • If you are receiving benefits (income support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, child tax credit but not working tax credit or universal credit) please make sure that you register your child as entitled to free school meals. You should do this even if your child receives a free meal because they are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 (this is a different entitlement) or your child does not have a school meal – every child registered for free school meals potentially increases our budget by £1,300 per year

Take look at the website (which includes an online petition) and the Manchester Evening News online article of 18/12/2016 to find out more.  Whilst one website indicates a potential cut of £23,000 in actual terms, the other suggests a deeper cut in real terms (taking into account other factors, and additional costs for schools which have not been funded) since 2016 of £106,942 by 2019.  Thank you for your support.


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