COVID-safe Swimming Risk Assessment

From September 2020, schools will recommence their swimming lesson programmes.  Our swimming take place at Hough End Leisure Centre.  Below is information about the measures that have been put in place to keep those attending school swimming lessons safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Some of this information has been provided by Manchester Active (swimming organisers) or taken from the Swim England website.

  • Swimming pools are already well-managed spaces with numerous risk control measures in place to keep the water and the general environment safe and clean.
  • Pool water is chlorinated/disinfected which is known to inactivate the COVID-19 virus.  In addition, the dilution of virus in the large volume of pool water will also reduce the risk of exposure and transmission.
  • There is no evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted via water or swimming pools.  The risk is, as in other places, including school, from respiratory droplets and contact with surfaces.  The same measures as in school will be followed – good hygiene, hand washing/sanitising and cleaning of surfaces.
  • One-way system in place at the leisure centre and in changing rooms
  • No public access to the leisure centre until at least January 2021 – this means fewer people at the leisure centre and possibly more changing space for the class
  • Regular cleaning of touch points to and from the changing area and on to the pool side.
  • Cleaning of changing rooms between different groups/bubbles (from different schools).
  • Holding areas for classes moving from the changing rooms to the pool side, and cleaning of the pool side between groups.
  • All equipment (buoyancy aids, etc.) will be cleaned before and after each group use by the swimming teacher (via pool water which is chlorinated)
  • Sharing of equipment will be avoided.
  • Any support for children needing arm-bands to be provided by school staff who will be permitted to wear masks
  • No loaning of swim hats.
  • Swimming teachers to maintain 2 metres distance from the group and individuals.
  • School to use one-way system.
  • Pupils asked to ‘arrive pool ready’ and wear their swimwear under their clothes, if possible, to limit the time taken to change at the beginning of the session.  For our Year 4 class, children will only need to do this for the first part of the morning given our lesson starts at 10.00am.  This is not essential.
  • Certificates will be distributed electronically to schools.
  • Track and tracing in place (leisure will have school details)
  • Coaches (transport) will cleaned after every journey, including all touch points.
  • Hand sanitising on leaving the coach, before entering the leisure centre.
  • Hand sanitising or hand-washing on entry back at school.
  • Coach drivers will wear masks
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