Year 4 – English


Pupils in Year 4 build on their reading and phonics skills gained in Year 3 and begin to read a wider range of longer and more complex texts.  They develop a wider range of reading skills across a broad range of texts and learn to write with greater coherence

Shared Texts 

  • Tuesday
  • The Giant that Stirred
  • The Iron Man
  • Poetry
  • Into the Forest
  • There’s a Pharaoh in the Bathroom
  • Belonging
  • Gorilla
  • The Day I swapped my Dad for 2 Goldfish
  • Until I met Dudley


In Year 3, we expect pupils to create pieces of writing which are more complex and longer than those written in Year 3.  For example, we would expect Year 4 pupils to be able to:

  • begin to commas to separate key clauses in a sentence
  • use paragraphs with more confidence
  • use a wider range of specific and vocabulary for effect



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