On this page, you will find websites, resources and ideas for home learning.  Subject-specific and age-specific links are available via the class pages.  It also includes ‘celebrity’ websites and channels.   See also the page of Things to Do which do not involve a computer or digital device.

Start the day with a STRENUOUS 30-minute workout for all the family.
Join Joe Wicks every weekday from 9.00am.

BBC Bitesize has a range of lessons and resources for primary-aged children covering a wide range of topics.  Click for Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2

Education City offers a range of online learning activities for different age groups.  Every child has their own username and password for Education City (until 31st May).  Class teachers will set specific tasks to do in Education City – there are four cities for each class : English, Spelling/Phonics, Mathematics and Science. 

SEESAW enable class teachers and pupils to share work.    Every child has their own username (actually a TEXTCODE with 12 letters) to access the system.  If you are using a tablet or iPad, you will need to download the Seesaw CLASS app to use Seesaw.

TWINKL is a website covering all subjects and age groups.  You can sign up for a free user account during the period of school closures.  The site has lots of educational resources, often repeated in different formats, so try and be focussed on what you what you want to do.  There are daily activities for four different age groups (3-5, 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11) and lessons on their  HOME LEARNING HUB.  You can use the free offer code  PARENTSTWINKHELPS

The URBRAINY website have free weekly HOME STUDY packs for all age groups, including Maths Worksheets (can be printed or downloaded), spelling worksheets and comprehensions.  There are also lots of online maths games.  You need to register for a free account.  Here are some examples of the worksheets:



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